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Building a brand for a premium Haida Gwaii fishing resort.

Westcoast Resorts

Tourism marketing, web design and branding for Westcoast Resorts

A partner for a five star rebrand.

Westcoast Resorts is a premium West Coast fishing lodge located on Haida Gwaii, BC. When they first approached Studiothink for a new website, they were floundering (no pun intended) with a brand that was suffering from a bit of an identity crisis, and recently under new ownership.

Armed with a new marketing team, they partnered with Studiothink to recreate their image and help them showcase their changes with a stunning rebrand that would declare their renewed commitment to delivering quality. To do this, they required a website that would be the primary funnel for most of their bookings, along with supporting marketing materials that would raise their profile and propel them to their goal—to become one of the top three premium fishing resort brands in BC.

Most companies launch a brand, and then either ignore it, or, make the mistake of not using marketing to fuel results. This was not the case with Westcoast Resorts. After the launch of the website, the rebranding effort became even more focused, with the addition of marketing strategies such as PR, high-end printed collateral for guests, focused search engine optimization, as well as social media campaigns and contests. The new brand even extended deep into the core of the company itself to include new fishing packages, improved guest experiences, and a focus on luxury which consisted of beautifully designed and renovated lodges and rooms. The new brand also brought their Haida heritage to the forefront, and it continues to be the guiding theme throughout their marketing.

As a trusted marketing partner, Studiothink works alongside Westcoast Resorts to bring their strategies to life. We have been instrumental in creating a vivid and effective website which funnels inquiries, a communications strategy, print design, copywriting, email newsletters and advertising, as well as launching a highly successful Instagram contest which resulted in hundreds of contest entries, a 73% increase in Instagram followers and a 35% increase in newsletter subscribers. We continue to put forth new ideas and initiatives to help them increase bookings and raise brand awareness.

Tourism marketing, web design and branding for Westcoast Resorts
Tourism marketing, web design and branding for Westcoast Resorts

“Studiothink has been a valuable extension of our in-house team for the past 6+ years — meeting every request with a can-do attitude and fulfilling every need with quality, on-brand solutions…no matter how challenging the task is. Studiothink is the ultimate marketing and branding ally.”

Tourism marketing, web design and branding for Westcoast Resorts